The Product Samurai

“Read at your own peril. This book will change the way you manage your products.”

With agile practices becoming the standard, the call for product leadership has never been louder. Meanwhile, product managers are drowning in feature alignment and internal stakeholder discussions; slowed by technical and organizational complexity; and crippled by risk-averse company cultures. How can they focus on clear market outcomes when fear and uncertainty cloud the way?

Long ago the Samurai learned that agility in itself was not enough. They understood that leadership comes from an unwavering vision, clear values and the relentless exercise of martial arts training practices, or katas. Now you can learn what made them successful and how it translates to beter product management.

You can get The Product Samurai on Amazon and Apple iBooks

97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner should know

It was my great honor two write two stories in the highly successful book 97 things every Scrum Practitioner should know. My stories focus on the role of the product owner. You can get the book here and ironically this book is available in Japanese.


I maintain a blog called the Product Dojo, where I share my ideas on Product Thinking and how to put them into practice. I’ve also been a co-founder of The Value Maximizers where we pioneered the concept of stances for the product owner. If you use a time machine, you can find my early writings at the Xebia Blog.