The Product Leadership Dojo

Product Leadership lessons from the Samurai

Strong product owners, real difference makers, people who leave their mark on the world of business, intentionally influence those around them. These leaders do things differently: they not only set goals but inspire and enable others. They guide organizations to sustainable success by shifting their focus from “doing” agile to “being” agile, creating a sense of purpose that binds their teams together.

This dynamic, one-day training focuses on the concepts of purpose, overcoming resistance, efficiency, communication and the difference between intent and behavior. These principles are at the core of Eastern martial arts philosophy and can be directly applied to modern agile business. 

“To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.”

Bruce Lee

You will benefit from the training if:

  • You manage a portfolio of products and are responsible for product strategy (VP Products, Chief Product Owner/Officer, Head of Product or Senior Product Manager)
  • You create Product goals and how these align with company Strategy
  • You are responsible for long time survivability of the company
  • You want to grow into these roles

What you will achieve

In this training we will focus on creating sustainable business models based on continuous product innovation. How to create a string of innovation that propels your company into blue oceans rather than competing on price.

  • Your purpose as a product leader
  • How you can add value to the development team, your organization and product
  • How to adopt the most effective leadership style for your product and organization
  • How to use your preferential leadership style 
  • The importance of stance, balance, leverage, courage and focus in Aikido and Judo, as applied to product leadership
  • How to align stakeholders and the development team through shared goals

After completing the training, you will know:

  • Working with people who are not doing what you want
  • Convincing people who function differently than you
  • Saying NO
  • Skillfully resolve conflicts with powerful stakeholders
  • Understand others’ emotions, interests, and unmet needs
  • Communicate more effectively so people follow your lead
  • Create an inspiring vision
  • Use different styles for different approaches

Why this training is different

Any knowledge that does not quickly reach unconscious competence is soon forgotten. The Budo training helps delegates anchor the knowledge and behavior into their subconscious.

“Values are not only discussed, but also brought to life. An incomparable experience for body and spirit.”


The “The Product Samurai” helps to see new perspectives and creates an entirely new approach to management. The knowledge transfer of the management skills and values are delivered in the form of a seminar and the Budo training (martial arts) supports their lasting implementation.

The training has a voluntary evening and morning program to allow for a deep focus on the training as well as socializing and networking opportunities.


Learn how to connect and feel before you act. Discover flow and learn about handling resistance.


Bring your insights back to the business by applying what you have learned into processes and tools that you can use today.

Endurance and results

What drives results in your organization. Learn how to persist, convince others to follow you and the impact of body language.

Beyond anything I ever experienced.

Charles Dubois – NS

Let’s make something beautiful together.