About the Product Samurai

Product Manager and Samurai

It sums up my two biggest passions in the best possible way. I’ve been in product for over 20 years now and as with martial arts, you learn by practicing and the more you learn, the more you realize there is another layer.

“My mission is to teach people how to develop products in such a way that they can’t imagine
going back to how they did it before.”

As certified professional Scrum trainer with Scrum.org, I have coached hundreds of product managers, product owners, and C-level professionals and am able to bridge the technical world with the commercial world. Drawing on experience with numerous startups and enterprises such as Thales, Saab, and TomTom, I want to revolutionize the way products and services are innovated.

A regular blogger and contributor to Quora. I also speak at Microsoft TechDays and other agile-focused conferences and user groups across the Netherlands, Eastern-Europe, and Asia. As a passionate martial arts practitioner, I weave the concepts of flow, balance, leverage, and courage into his product owner thinking and writing. I currently live in Apeldoorn with my four children and loving wife, who coach me daily in the servant part of leadership.


Product Management

New product development, innovation, finding product market fit, experimentation. Quickly resolving bottlenecks and aligning teams around a single vision


Leads by example but with a passion for what makes people tick. Well versed in different leadership styles but defaulting to delegation and mentoring.


Accelerated dozens of organizations by introduction of Scrum, Kanban or other agile frameworks by embedding them in a way of working that still focusses on delivering value


In sports like Judo it is all about balance, finding the right positioning, connecting to your opponent and leveraging his strength. The business world is no difference.

Let’s make something